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Keep a Fighter for Your Rights in the Dáil

Ruth Coppinger is a Socialist Party TD for Dublin West and will be standing as an Anti-Austerity Alliance candidate in the upcoming general election. From 2004-2014 she was local councillor in Mulhuddart and has been a leading fighter for workers and women’s rights in and outside the Dáil.
Since being elected in 2014, she had been a thorn in the establishment’s side. As a founder of the local We Won’t Pay campaign in Dublin West she has been a strong force against water charges, organising both locally and nationally against the unjust charge. In Dublin West she has led community campaigns on pyrite, management fees and Defend Blanchardstown Hospital as well as occupied NAMA properties with those affected by the housing crisis, in an effort to raise the issue and highlight the lack of social housing for people across the country.

In the Dáil Ruth has published three Bills alongside her AAA colleagues on extending employment equality for LGBTQ workers in education and heath, ending religious discrimination in school admissions and for a repeal of the Eighth Amendment, a barbaric law banning women from accessing safe and legal abortions.

We need to keep a seat for workers and for women in the Dáil. We need to demand a real recovery for working people – to end austerity taxes, introduce rent controls and a living wage and build thousands of affordable homes. We need a party of the 99% that will move the economy in a direction favouring people, not profit.

A recovery for the rich at our expense

  • Rich getting richer off the backs of a growing army of “working poor”.
  • Denis O’Brien owns €5.7 billion & benefits from Irish Water contracts, while people protesting against Joan Burton & water charges face prison.
  • Housing crisis, homelessness & overcrowding get worse because profit-hungry developers & landlords want to make obscene profits.
  • This government is undermining the rights of ordinary people so big business interests can maximise profits.
  • A few “election promises” don’t alter the fact that young people now face harsher conditions than their parents did.

Time for a new mass Political Revolution

Labour is no longer the party of Connolly, Larkin or working people. None of the main parties represent us. Unfortunately Sinn Féin seem prepared to bring Fianna Fáil and Labour back to power. The AAA stands for the establishment of a new mass political movement of working people.

After the election the AAA will discuss with others to see if a genuine Left government that will run society for people’s needs not profit, can be formed. The AAA will vote to block the establishment parties coming back to power and to defend the interests of working people.

What We Stand for

Build Affordable Homes

State should build 100,000 quality homes to buy or rent by 2018 using the resources of NAMA & the Strategic Investment Fund Rent controls to stop obscene rents. Cost of Living Crisis / Defend Workers’ Rights
Introduce a €12 an hour minimum wage immediately, as a step to €14 within two years. Ban ‘zero

hour’ and ‘if and when’ contracts & give workers guaranteed minimum hours.

Invest in Public Health / Invest in Blanchardstown Hospital

End the A&E & waiting list scandal at Blanchardstown. For a quality public health service, free at the point of use – paid through central taxation – akin to the NHS in Britain when established.

Tax the Super-Rich

Sweetheart deals with Apple and other multinational corporations have cost us billions in tax. It is scandalous that there are also no taxes on wealth or financial speculation. There is huge wealth in this country.

A real progressive tax system could raise billions to invest in the economy and in the public services and infrastructure we desperately need.

Woman’s Right to Choose

No delays on abortion – No new amendments to the constitution. Repeal the 8th & legislate for a woman’s right to choose. Separate Church & State. End all forms of discrimination.

” It takes great men and women to stand up and say ‘we are socialists’…
What a crime! We socialists are against war on the field of battle. We are also against a more brutal war, the war of capital against the men who are oppressed and who have only their Labour power to sell… We socialists want more than a dollar increase for the workers. We want the earth”
Jim Larkin