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Ruth Coppinger TD
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For Women

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Repeal was won, but we have unfinished business. The fight for equality continues. Women are twice as likely as men to earn the minimum wage, with the gender pay gap growing. The unpaid work of women is estimated at $10 trillion globally. Women still do twice as much work in the home as men. 76% of workers in cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels experience sexual harrasment while 1 in 4 women will experience violence or sexual violence in their liftetime. We have to fight to change this.

Ruth played a key role in the Repeal movement. She led the way in openly advocating a pro-choice position. A founding member of ROSA, which highlighted the availability of the abortion pills through the abortion pill bus & train campaign. Her activism inside and outside of the Dail openly and publicly challenged the establishment & the inhumane 8th amendment.

For Housing

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The housing crisis has gone too far. Fine Gael's reliance on the private market to deliver homes is devastating working class families & communities across Ireland. We need a mass struggle to force a change of policy. We need public homes on public land.

We need to unite all the communities to pressurise all the political parties and demand that signigicant funds are immediately made available for emergency action to tackle the crisis in D15 and across the country.

As part of this, the council should acquire - by compulsory purchase at cost price - homes to alleviate the crisis.

The state needs to establish a "Fair Rent Agency", with a majority representtation of working people, with the power to reduce rents to affordable levels.

The state could easily use the €13 billion+ that Apple owes in tax to urgently move to build 100,000 new homes, including the 1,200 agreed for Damastown.

For Climate

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People all over the world are now seeing the devastating effects of climate change. Communities around the globe are being devastated by hurricanes, floods and wildfires. While Australia is burning, it’s capitalist government continues to champion fossil fuels. We’ve also seen distinct changes in Ireland’s climate, showing that no where is safe from the effects of the changing climate.

This can be stopped.

By transitioning to a clean & renewable energy system, we can leave the fossil fuels in the ground. The solutions and the technology exists to solve the climate crisis but the political will does not. That is because these capitalist politicians and their capitalist parties represent the interests of the 1% and not the 99%. Just 100 companies are respsonsible for 71% of emissions since 1988. It is big business that is doing the polluting, not ordinary working class people. They will continue with ‘business as usual’ pollution, unless we challenge their rule.

The carbox tax will solve nothing, in reality it is just more government austerity. Already 1/6 of people in Ireland are living in poverty. We can’t and won’t pay anymore for the crisis that the billionaires have created.

We need a radical global mass movement armed with socialist ideas in order to solve this crisis. The transition to renewable energy can only be achieved by breaking with the profit driven capitalist system which puts the greed of corporations before the needs of working people & the planet.

Only by putting key aspects of the economy into democratic, public control through socialist planning, can we avert a complete catastrophe. This would allow us to roll out free public transport while expanding rail & bus services massively across the country. This would immediatley cut transport emissions by reducing the number of vehicles on our roads while also improving people's living standards. It would allow us to take control of the large agricultural corporations, so that we can transition away from cruel and polluting farming practices. I will continue to be a voice in the Dail for this movement. By building a movement together, we can solve this crisis.

For Workers

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Workers need a raise! The minimum wage must be brought up to €15 an hour. The pension age must be brought back to 65. Insecure work practices must be brought to an end. The stress of insecure work culminated with rising living costs is having a profoundly negative effect on the mental health of workers. The trade union leaders must begin to really fight for the rights of workers and our communities.

A worker's TD on a worker's wage. As part of the policy of Solidarity and The Socialist Party, Ruth takes no more than the average industrial wage. Actively assisting workers in organising to fight for better pay & conditions for nurses, midwives, ambulance drivers, school secrataries, and more, have seen Ruth supporting their struggle by joining their pickets and demonstrations. Ruth has and will continue to use her Dail seat to act as a voice for workers.

End homelessness now

The housing crisis effects millions of people in one way or another. Hundreds of thousands of young people are stuck living with their parents, unable to move out due to rocketing rents. Thousands more live in over-crowded conditions, stuck on housing waiting lists, desperately hoping something affordable and suitable becomes available. Thousands, including thousands of children, are forced to sleep in hotels, in hostels or on the streets - dependant on utterly selfless volunteers to provide them with warm food. It's time this government was forced to act. We urgently need rent controls, a ban on evictions and a massive plan to build public homes on public land. Landlords - including those in the Dail chamber - won't solve this crisis. But a movement of working class people, in solidarity with all those dealing every day with this crisis, can force action.

Halt the climate crisis

We need massive investment in renewable energy so we can leave fossil fuels in the ground. The record of FF, FG, Labour and the Greens in Government on enviroment issues is abysmal. We need immediate measures that tackle the big polluters and carbon ommitters to achieve a just transition to a zero-carbon economy, not carbon taxes on ordinary people and individual solutions. Movements of young people and workers can force real change. Socialists, like Ruth, in the Dail help put the presssure on the establishement to get with the program.

No to pension age increase

Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour & the Greens all had a hand in raising the pension age to 67 and then 68. Joe Higgins fought against this in 2011 - we need Ruth in the Dáil to bring the anger from workers into the Dáil chamber!

End the health system crisis

The trolley crisis, cancelled operations, a crisis in mental health care - none of this is necessary. Decades of underfunding with FG, FF, Labour and the Greens in government, have stretched our health system to the brink. Enough is enough! The wealth is there to invest now and construct a public health system, free at the point of use that we can all be proud of and confident in. Elect campaigners who aren't afraid to speak out and hold the establishment to account.

Save Pelletstown ETNS

At every stage this government have prioritised the interests of developers and landlords over the basic needs of children including their health and education. Now Pelletstown E.T.N.S is facing a serious a threat of eviction. We must put pressure on the government to ensure that they act on their broken promises. The needs of children and the community must be put before the greed of property developers.


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Climate change

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Socialist feminism

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National Question

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Get involved


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Please donate to the campaign by selecting the photo. Ruth, Solidarity & The Socialist Party(CWI) proudly do not any take donations from business. We rely on donations from regular working class people to fund the campaign & organisation.

Money raised from donations pays for our posters, leaflets, equipment & any other neccesary materials for the campaign. Ruth has used her Dail seat to force the political establishment to buckle on water charges, REPEAL, marriage equality & many other issues. It is essential for working class people in Dublin West & nationwide that Ruth retains her seat. Please donate as much as you can.

Join a Canvass

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Join one of our canvass teams as we knock on doors to encourage people to come out to vote & support Ruth and Solidarity. You will be amazed at how supportive people are to our ideas and how well people respond!

Working class people are looking for real change and that's exactly what Ruth & Solidarity stand for. People welcome the change that we offer. You will have a great experience!

Jump on a Stall

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Speak with one of our activists on our stalls. They will be happy to help with any questions or queries that you may have. By organising together and speaking to workers, we can change the way things are!

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